How Are Fancy Colored Diamonds Graded?

D-F. Diamonds graded letters D to F are considered to be colorless diamonds. Las Vegas engagement rings This is the purest color grade, and diamonds of this type ware very rare.

The Gemological Institute of America is a non-profit organization dedicated to the research and education of gems and jewelry. They study and grade all types of gemstones. In addition to the lab services, GIA also trains gemologists and offer in depth education and research support to the diamond industry. At present, GIA’s diamond grading reports are top rated diamond verification and certification” documents in the diamond a diamond is graded

I paid about $400 for the setting. robbins brothers are a bit high compared to other places when it comes to getting the setting but the convenience and service is worth it to me, plus I get to watch them while they work on it. I believe the appraisal value is 3x what I paid but I don’t really pay too much attention to it. You can always find a appraiser who will inflate the value higher. I went to to take a look at what an equivalent diamond would cost and the lowest price is $6433.00 and that is not as nice of a cut as the one I got (the one I got is an ideal cut AGS0, theirs is not) so I would say I saved about $609 compared to the cheapest online dealer.

Hi there, I’m doing great! Thanks for asking… All right, I looked up GIA #6195735048 in the multiple listing service that we use to trade diamonds globally and the note provided by the cutter reads almost eye clean!” which is pretty good for an I-1 clarity diamond. The reality being that I’d expect to be able to readily and immediately” locate the inclusions within an I-1 clarity diamond with just my eyes, such is the nature of the I-1 clarity grade.

In theory, a diamond is pure carbon with a perfect atomic structure, but in the real world, this is extremely rare. On the atomic level, every diamond has some imperfections such as misaligned structure or, very commonly, impurities such as nitrogen and hydrogen. Nitrogen impurities cause yellow colors, boron impurities cause blue colors and structural imperfections cause pink and brown colors.

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