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In our latest series of articles, we have continued to focus on the usage of third parties in order to render the search engine optimization services that you need in order to expand the visibility of your website among the major search engines and through their respective search engine results. In this specific piece, we are going to focus on SEO Consultation Services. In many instances, these companies will specifically assist you in determining the current status of your website, how you can improve you search engine optimization results, and they will also assist you in developing a well formulated SEO plan that will help you tremendously as you decide which avenues to engage as you continue to expand the visibility of your website on an ongoing basis.

If you have no knowledge of search engine optimization then it very well may be in your best interest to hire a SEO Consultation Services firm that can guide you through the process of having your site more frequently found among major search engines while concurrently educating you to the specific aspects of ecommerce SEO and general search engine optimization for the three major search engine companies. However, many SEO consultation services charge a substantial amount of money for their services. It is not uncommon to pay upwards of $1,000 simply for an audit of your website as it pertains to its performance on the major search engines. In most instances, the advice that you are going to receive from a SEO consultation services firm will be that you need to continually add new content to your website in order to be more quickly found by the search engines. This, and as have discussed through many of our previous articles pertaining to ecommerce SEO, is the key focus for having your site found quickly and frequently by the major search engines. This is primarily due to the fact that the major search engines want to be able to provide their users with the best result possible each time an individual executes a search query.

One of the major issues to focus on when retaining a SEO consultation services company is whether or not their audits of other ecommerce websites have produced the return on investment as it pertains to engaging in a broad based ecommerce focused search engine optimization campaign. As with any third party services firm that you may work with – you should always require that the business is able to provide you with substantial references in order to their previous work and results as it pertains to becoming more clearly visible among major search engine results pages.

For a moment, let’s return to one of our previous discussion as it pertains to search engine optimization campaigns specifically for ecommerce websites. This will tie in nicely with our currently discussion pertaining to the usage of SEO consultation services firms. Every time that you spend a single dollar on further your visibility on the major search engines – you need to be aware of the return on investment that you are seeking to generate through these highly specialized internet marketing campaigns. As a rule of thumb, as we have mentioned previously – you should seek to engage in a search engine optimization campaign that produces three dollars of profits for every dollar that you spend on having your site more visible among the major search engines. If you are able to do so successfully then it is very much worth your investment for engaging in a comprehensive search engine optimization campaign. As it relates to having an initial discussion with a SEO consultation services firm, the initial fees may be steep, but they will be able to provide you with a very clear insight as to exactly what you firm needs in order to expand your visibility on an organic basis. Additionally, many of these SEO consultation firms are well versed on other forms of marketing including social networking, viral marketing, and other types of online campaigns that will drive a tremendous amount of traffic to your ecommerce platform on a non-paid basis. As such, the benefits of hiring a SEO consultation firm can be tremendous if they are able to assist you in properly educating you in regards to the expectations and costs of search engine optimization while concurrently providing you with the ability to understand how you can execute a number of different marketing campaigns as they relate to the development and continued growth of your ecommerce platform and ecommerce SEO campaign.

If you decide not to seek the services of a SEO consultation services firm then we strongly recommend that you read a number of books that are related to search engine optimization so that you can learn the appropriately terminology and methodologies that relate to increasing the visibility your ecommerce platform. This is especially important if you decide to become your own SEO expert and are able to effectively manage the complex content development, inbound link creation, and social networking campaigns that are necessary for you to become a more prominent website as it relates to the specific genre of ecommerce website that you operate. Again, by foregoing the usage of a SEO consultation services firm you can quickly learn search engine optimization on your own accord. The science behind having your site more frequently listed among the major search engines is not “rocket science”, but it is a science nevertheless. As such, as you familiarize yourself the terms and methods of that are used in regards to driving organic based traffic to your ecommerce platform or website then you will be in better position to achieve a greater amount of success.

As we have discussed earlier, the most paramount aspect to having a well done ecommerce SEO campaign is to make sure that you first complete a full audit of your website so that you can ensure that you site is appropriate not only for the individual users that you are coming to your website but also so that the major search engines are able appropriately rank and index your website on an ongoing basis. Any major SEO consultation services company is going to first tell you that you need to develop a tremendous amount of new material that is rich with keywords that are related to the products that you sell. Truth be told, this is the best advice that any firm is going to provide for you and your business. As it relates to ecommerce SEO, you – again – are going to want to focus on providing the most keyword rich content possible for keywords that are not overly competitive. Over time, this will allow you to not only become more prominent with your field, but you will also be able to build on the continued success that you have worked so hard to achieve through your search engine optimization campaigns.

As we mentioned earlier, one of things that most SEO consultation services firms will provide you with is a complete audit your website and its functionality. As we have also discussed before, many of the things that an SEO consultation services firm will provide you with – you can absolutely do on your own. This is especially true as it relates to an audit of your website. When you decide to complete your own search engine optimization campaign it is extremely important that you audit your website so that you can be assured that you site – again – is not only usable to by human users but also is able to be quickly and effectively spidered by search engines that will rank you content among their organic search engine results. The key to having a SEO consultation services firm provide you with an audit of your website is that they will ultimately tell you about how you need to develop new content, an appropriate Robots.txt file, as well as an Sitemap.XML file that will assist the search engines in having you site ranked appropriately among the major search engines.

Most SEO consultation servicesspecifically focus on providing you not only with an audit of your website, but also a complete guide for developing an ecommerce SEO plan that will greatly assist you over a one to two year period as it relates to producing content and submitting it to major search engines so that your site is more frequently found by users that are targeting specific keywords as it relates to your ecommerce platform or informational portal. As many SEO consultation services will make you aware of – your website should act in a dual capacity as it relates to informing your user of content that is applicable to making an informed decision for making purchases, but also for having a website that showcases, effectively, the products that you are able to provide to your customers as they visit your website. Any good SEO consultation services firm will tell you that the ultimate goal of your ecommerce platform is that for ever one hundred new visitors that come to your website then approximately two to three of them should make a purchase from your platform in order to make your search engine optimization campaign investment worth the cost. In several of our previous articles, we thoroughly discussed the issues pertaining to return on investment in regards to engaging a broad based search engine optimization campaign that focuses on producing a substantial amount of visibility for your website over a significant period of time.

As you continue through your journey of ecommerce SEO and search engine optimization then we do strongly suggest that you work with a SEO consultation services firm if you have no prior knowledge as it relates to having your site more frequently found among organic search engine results. However, and as we have continually stressed, everything that pertains to a good search engine optimization campaign can be completed by you and your ecommerce platform on your own. The most important question to ask yourself is whether or not you have the time or capital resources available to assist you developing an appropriate white hat focused search engine optimization campaign for your business. If so, then by all means hire an SEO consultation services firm to assist you in this ongoing internet market process.

Why You Must Add Your Branded Keywords to Your SEO Approach

Keyword phrases are concurrently the best aid and most significant barrier for marketers building an SEO approach. With new results striving for a location in search engine results daily, identifying the correct words for your strategy could make it feel like your SEO is running itself. Conversely, an unoptimized list of keyword phrases could seem like an excruciating weight pressing down on your initiatives.
A Line in the Sand

Within this hunt for the best keywords, a dissentious inquiry has occurred among marketing experts: Should you include your marketing as keywords for SEO? Dissenters assert that there is no word more distinct to your brand than the brand name itself, so in theory if someone is searching straight for your brand, they ought to have no problem finding it– despite whether it’s component of a bigger, paid search approach. Fans for this method recognize a somewhat a lot more aggressive SEO globe, where advertising your keyword phrases functions as an effective method to both guard your brand from intruding competitors as well as position your brand as superior to opposing brands in their searches.

Bing recently released a research study concerning this very concern, mounting it around data they’ve gathered from over 3 million search impressions associated to the retail market. The firm’s intent was to measure the efficiency as well as visibility of brand name terms in search results page and see if these workings with associated to the existence of a paid advertisement or sponsored search results page in the search web page. Exactly what they found offers essential understanding into the keyword disagreement.
The Data Speaks

Initially, Bing Ads checked out where clicks happened without the presence of paid promotion. Usually, 60 percent of individuals click the top organic blog post in the absence of a paid promotion for their search terms– not as well significantly of a shock, particularly in retail search cases where users looking for a brand name or product can be doing so in hopes of finding either the brand’s web site or a seller of the brand’s products. Nevertheless, this altered drastically with the existence of an ad: With a sponsored search results page, clicks for a brand boosted to 91 percent on the first outcomes web page.

Brand name key phrases can help your business arrive of search resultsWhile not all this traffic comes through the ad web link itself, having actually a sponsored ad on top of results on the exact same page as your organic result can create a perception of authority for your website over the others returned in the search, urging more clicks. 42 percent of the clicks on a web page with a brand ad actually go to the ad itself, with one more 49 percent landing on a natural result, leaving the staying 9 percent offering the alternative to either pick a various item or execute a new search query.

This additionally worked in a dually defensive purpose when taken into consideration in the situation of 2 advertisements being offered for each other: Where a brand name without self-promotion located themselves losing in between 43 percent to 66 percent of clicks to a competitor that appeared in searches where they both resulted, they were able to substantially lower loss of clicks by around 18 percent by running their own advertisements.

Ultimately, bidding on your very own brand as a component of SEO technique works as both a protective as well as offending advertising and marketing action: It safeguards clicks to your brand name where a rival’s ad might exist, lends veracity to your natural web links on wider searches, and also could even produce a feeling of authority for your brand over a rival in the event that they do not have any type of advertisements competing with your area.

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